Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jobs With Justice

 A few years ago I did a poster and tee shirt for Jobs With Justice, an organization that fights for workers' rights. To stress the heroic nature of the everyday laborer, I chose the ubiquitous "worm's eye" perspective used for superhero images. The rainbow background for the one image is an obvious nod to Superfriends. Oh, and I also designed the logo, too. (There are only so many ways you can use the Colorado flag, though.) I love the Judas Priest logo so I used a copycat font for the "tour" tee shirt. If I remember correctly, all the cities on the back of the tour shirt are the local chapters of Jobs With Justice, and their delegates held a summit in Detroit. The face of the nurse holding the baby has that awkward, "Take your stupid photo so I can give this baby back to her mom" look to it.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Death of Durga

Yet another page from that still-in-progress graphic novel of mine, The Yesterday After All This Time.

The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins

For the past five years I've been co-writing, illustrating, and designing the educational science comic book series The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins. Here are some highlights.


A design I recently created for an electronics product/toy.