Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm a huge fan of the original James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. They're the first adult books I ever read, starting back in second grade. I'm one of those annoying people who keeps saying, "I wish the Bond film producers would just re-adapt the novels, since many of them only ever utilized the titles, scrapping the plot itself." Really, I always say this, mainly to unsuspecting passersby who give me a disgusted look and run away.

So...I wanted to draw a scene from one of the novels that was never included in any of the films. This is the climactic battle of Bond vs. Blofeld beside a bubbling mud pit from the end of You Only Live Twice, the penultimate Bond novel by Fleming. Some day I'll get around to coloring it, but for now it's just black and white.


  1. Nice illustration. A very Connery-esque Bond too. As you suggest, there's a lot of unfilmed Fleming with great potential (as I discussed in one of my posts), among them the garden of death from YOLT. Perhaps we'll see that eventually on the big screen.

  2. That is indeed brilliant - thank you for that wonderful drawing there, Scorpio Steele. I too would love to see YOLT the novel become a film at some suitable point.

  3. Thank you, Edward and David.

    I wish we could have two Bond series--one with original stories that is based in the modern era and another that adapts the Bond novels never properly adapted and takes place in the 1960s.