Monday, July 3, 2017

Shade the Changing Man vs. Weird Al Yankovic

Behold! Erica Stickler MacIntosh, the Assistant to the Director of Programming for Denver Comic Con, commissions a drawing from me every year for her husband, Bruce MacIntosh, the Director of Programming. Usually she tells me what characters she wants, but this year she gave me carte blanche, saying she just wanted the drawing to have something to do with Denver Comic Con. Since Weird Al Yankovic was going to be at the con, I thought it'd be funny to make him the antagonist to some comic book character for whom 2017 is an anniversary year of their first appearance. Since 2017 is the 40th anniversary of Steve Ditko's very weird Shade the Changing Man, I decided on him. The original Shade the Changing Man series was cancelled after eight issues back in 1978, so the idea here was that in another universe than our own, publication of Shade resumed just as Weird Al burst upon the scene, perhaps as some cross-promotion synergy.

Weird Al signed the white UPC box which I left blank, and I will post his signature in the box when I get a photo of it.

Ink and watercolor

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